Trip to Dakhla

Traveling, as we know, is one of the pleasures of life. In fact, travel is one of those few things that can make us change our view of things and make us mature a new way of living our life, with a growing awareness of ourselves and others.
This is what we see in the eyes of our guests in Morocco when, aboard our Mitsubishi 4×4, we have fun taking them to discover the breathtaking beauties of this magical country.

Today we tell you about a trip we took with a very special family last summer.
The destination of our route was Dakhla, a city-bay in the deep south of Western Sahara, a popular destination for surfers from all over the world.

Our very, very long journey starts from Essaouira, a port city in the north of Morocco, which is about 1500 km from this place lost in the world, Dakhla. The road that leads to this splendid strip of sand is a continuous desert, interrupted from time to time by some remote rural village and by cities like Sidi Ifni, Tarfaya, Layoune.

Dakhla, nicknamed “The Antilles of Morocco” is a small town nestled between the sand dunes of a magnificent turquoise lagoon. Dakhla bay is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world for surfing and kite-surfing, due to the pleasant windy climate that accompanies visitors, and for desert lovers, as it is surrounded by dunes that embrace all this magical place . The wind blows very strong, the waves break, caressing the whole coast and the flamingos are the backdrop to this magnificent place.

Starting from Essauoira and traveling about 500/600 km per day, we reached Dakhla in 3 days, stopping the first night in Sidi Ifni and the second night in Layoune.
The kilometers are many, in the middle of nowhere: on one side the imposing cliffs where the Atlantic Ocean breaks, on the other the boundless Sahara desert, to accompany travelers, endlessly.
However, despite the road, once you arrive the view is wonderful.
Impossible not to be enchanted by a landscape that gives strong emotions, especially to those who, like our travel companions, are new to these experiences.

We are waiting for you to plan your personalized trip together, and to discover paradisiacal destinations such as Dakhla, between ocean and desert, or to visit the main cities of Morocco, in complete safety, always guided by our expert local guides.

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